viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Entry 1. The use of technology

     One of the meanings given to technology is that it is a  making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in  order to solve a problem or serve some purposeer to solve a problem or serve some purpose. Technology is a useful tool that has come to make human beings’ life easier.  The use of internet makes researches less complicated. If you have a doubt, you just turn on your computer and search an answer for it; what has to be kept in mind is that not everything we find on the web is true. Although technology is a helpful mean, it also has made people to have less interest on reading a book or going to a library. But if you stop to analyze the use of technology soon you'll find yourself in a dilemma; so it's better to discuss about the use of technology in education then the important points and advantages of it can be mentioned.

     The use of technology means can make a class  more interactive. In ESL/EFL classes is necessary to count with CD players (or tape recorders in some cases) in order to play listenings for students to practice this skill and make exercises, solve problems, etc.  A TV and a DVD to show movies or videos that can teach lessons to students; this not only make the class less boring but is a new way to learn vocabulary and accent.  Computers, access to internet, head projectors and multimedia projectors become an essencial part of a class. Students can create good presentations, make homework and activities rapidly, search information that can help them to improve and pratice.


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